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Why they left

The Thursday morning dream:

I woke up at around 5 a.m. to go take a leak.

But I wasn’t fully awake, because as I got out of bed I was extra careful not to step on anyone.

That’s because I thought there were other people sleeping in my room, scattered around the floor. One just next to my side of the bed, one at the base of the bed, and then more all the way to the hallway and to the bathroom. Maybe in my dream they were refugees from all the flooding, I don’t know. But I didn’t want to step on anyone.

When I got into the bathroom and turned on the light, after I relieved myself, I could see there was nobody else there. But now I was sad they were gone. Where had they gone? Why had they left? What had I done wrong?

And then I had a sinking realization: “Oh, no…. I wonder if I was snoring again….!”

4 Responses to “Why they left”

  1. Mark Chaet Says:

    What I like most about your dream and dreamstate is that it perfectly describes what dreams are often like, and what the immediate post dream state is like. It resonates.

  2. Dan Says:

    By some kind of weird coincidence, I dreamed that you were helping out flood victims in some kind of soup kitchen, ladling out (what else?) Soup. But in my dream, your soup dipper was flat and had a sharp edge on it.

    Then in my dream, it was the next day, and I asked you, “Who was that ladle I saw you with last night?” and you answered, “That was no ladle, that was my knife!”

    Just goes to show that dreams are stranger than fiction.

  3. Uncle Rich Says:

    You should use lucid dreaming to go back and find out the answers.

  4. Richard Roesberg Says:

    You should use lucid dreaming to go back and get the answers.

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