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What leads to mass shootings (and what doesn’t)

What are the 4 things all the mass shooters have in common? The people who run the Violence Project helpfully tell us in this piece in the Los Angeles Times. I have lots of friends on Facebook who are ready to blame Donald Trump — and, look, I can’t stand the guy either — but his name isn’t on the list of causes.

2 Responses to “What leads to mass shootings (and what doesn’t)”

  1. Dan Says:

    So his name isn’t on the list. The phrase “totally exonerated” comes to mind.

  2. Jim Markley Says:

    Thanks for sharing the article. I don’t blame Trump for these shootings (or stabbings, as in the case of Garden Grove) any more than I blame Obama for what happened on his watch. As the article indicates, it’s much more personal. My fear is as our society becomes increasingly depersonalized and relationships grow more tenuous, this will only feed these killers appetites. We can identify the problem, but do we have the will & unity to change it? Sadly, I say no.

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