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Reeling in good reviews

The reviews are in on the new production of my play, “The Size of Pike,” at Moving Arts here in Los Angeles. And they’re terrific. Not only are these great reviews, they seem to be written by critics who understood the play. This is not always the case. (At times, I have felt this was not even occasionally the case.) Getting a good review is always good; getting one that reflects an understanding is meaningful.

That all the reviews thus far are universally good means that the play has gotten a 100% Sweet review on Bitter Lemons. (Last I checked.) We’re actually the top-rated show at the moment. Which almost makes me wish we don’t get more reviews, because it’s hard to beat 100%.

Here’s the Bitter Lemons site, where you can check out all the reviews so far of the play.

And if you’re in LA and want to see the show, here’s where to get info and tickets.

As I told a friend earlier today, now that Moving Arts has produced this play twice (once 17 years ago) and it’s gotten great reviews both times, I’m starting to think this might actually be a good play. (You never know for sure.)

2 Responses to “Reeling in good reviews”

  1. Lefty Joe Says:

    The more I keep reading on nostalgia, and there’s been lots of it to stumble on, the more I feel the timeliness of this play. Intuitive and sort of like riding a wave on the beach, we come through parts of life not realizing that we truly are ahead of the curve. (That’s sort of where a surfer wants to be). I’ve really been thinking about this lately, now that the news includes so many boomers changing careers. I just got a promotion at work, to use my educational background more effectively.

  2. mark chaet Says:

    I’m seeing it tomorrow. But now you’ve already told me it’s good. Maybe I would have liked to have found that out for myself. Thanks a lot for ruining it for me. Jeepers!

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