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Lars Hansen, R.I.P.

I just learned that my friend and mentor Lars Hansen died yesterday. Which was precisely the day I found him on Facebook and sent him a Friend request. It had been almost six years since I’d seen Lars — I wish I’d sent that Friend request (or an email, or made a phone call), far sooner.

Here’s the obit. I’m going to put more up here today or tomorrow. Lars is someone who was very kind and generous to me, and who really shaped my life and career.

2 Responses to “Lars Hansen, R.I.P.”

  1. Joe Says:

    It’s no joke that life’s too short. Sorry for your loss Lee. Like I said, 60 is far too few scores.

  2. Peter Ellenstein Says:

    That is terrible news. He was a very bright guy and was always willing to take time to consult or offer advice. I didn’t know he wasn’t well. I’d have sent some kind words. Sometimes I don’t like getting older.

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