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Avengers artist assembled

“The Avengers” movie premieres in a few weeks. Jack Kirby was the co-creator of Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Nick Fury, and even Loki. Without Jack Kirby, there’d be no Marvel Universe, and none of the multi-billion-dollar global enterprise associated with the hundreds of characters he created for Marvel (or for DC, for that matter).

Here’s a remembrance of Jack from his son Neal, about what it was like to grow up as Jack Kirby’s son. I met Jack Kirby twice in my life, once as a 14-year-old and once as a grown man, and both times I was speechless. I’ve met Pulitzer prize winners, presidents and governors, billionaires, movie stars, rock stars, and people of all stations of life — but I was only ever in awe of Jack Kirby.

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  1. UNCLE RICH Says:

    Thanks for that link. I remember seeing King Kirby on TV, being interviewed for a lightweight piece by a very nice female reporter. The whole time they were talking he was busy at his drawing board. When the spot ended he showed her what he had been creating, a large comic illustration with her as the central character. It was fantastic and he generously made a gift of it to her. I wonder where that piece is now.

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