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What’s behind the Occupy Wall Street protests

This set of slides from Business Insider provides the single best explanation I’ve seen of what’s happened to the U.S. economy over the last 30 years, and why protesters — and those of us who agree with the protesters — are protesting. It’s a good, and useful, 5-minute education. Basically, all the fairness has left the system.

One Response to “What’s behind the Occupy Wall Street protests”

  1. Jim Markley Says:

    Perhaps “fairness” was never IN the system. Absolute equity to all men will never happen. Communism & socialism have never & will never work because they are contrary to man’s nature; that is, to look out for his and his loved ones needs first. I , too, beleive the system needs to be changed, but threats, filth and a cretinous insensitivity towards others is not the way to do it. I, for one, am waiting to hear any clear, coherent demands from the various mobs. They seem to want “hope & change” but are vague and aimless, just like their President. Personally, I beleive the mobs will die out when the weather turns bad. Idealism is necessary and laudable, but to be effective, it really needs to be focused.

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