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Update to my Oregon story

Remember back here I was lauding the fine soup and beer I had while in the Eugene, Oregon? I was just filing my receipts and realized I left out the key element:  the charge for the home-made soup, and the  beer (a Boddingtons), cost a grand total of $6. I can say with authority that in LA, that would have cost more like $13. (Eight bucks for the Boddingtons. Five bucks for the soup.) And then we would’ve added state sales tax, to the tune of 9.75%, for a whopping $14.75. In Oregon, The Bier Stein did add tax, by the way:  a nickel. I think that was to cover the can.


Above you can find another drink I had while in Oregon. This is a locally brewed “Organic Free Range Red” — i.e., a beer — that I consumed in the airport in Portland. The branding isn’t right for me, but the taste fit perfectly.

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