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Turning up the heat


Yesterday was a record-breaking temperature here in Burbank, CA — 109 degrees. Except today it went above that. All I can say is, I can’t wait for this global-warming hoax to come to an end. By the way, the photo above, of the temperature outside my car when I had to run a brief errand today, reads 108 degrees. It’s blurry because reality was starting to melt all around us.

Speaking of reality melting, the Senate just voted down legislation that would have banned gun sales to suspected terrorists. Let me repeat that:  a week after 49 people in Florida were murdered, and another 53 wounded, by a man that many of these very same Senators said was associated with terrorism (others have their doubts), the Senate said no to legislation to ban gun sales to suspected terrorists. Because, you know, why do that? It’s also notable that probably the least-voting member of the Senate, “Little” Marco Rubio, made the journey to Washington, D.C. in order to vote against the measure.

And what’s the state he theoretically represents?


3 Responses to “Turning up the heat”

  1. Dan Says:

    Face it: The NRA is the Godzilla of American Politics and the rest of us are just thousands of screaming Japanese.

  2. Jim Markley Says:

    Wow, SoCal is hot in the middle of summer? That’s never happened before! Still too much of Jersey in you.

  3. Lee Wochner Says:

    I think you missed the point about breaking the record for heat one day, and then breaking it again the next day. It isn’t that it’s hot — it’s that it’s getting hotter as a matter of routine.

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