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Tell everyone, while there’s time

Eight false things the public “knows” prior to election day.

3 Responses to “Tell everyone, while there’s time”

  1. Dan Says:

    Damn, I just applied for a job on one of the Death Panels!

  2. Jim Markley Says:

    Oh, please. This blog is just another liberal apologist mouthpiece. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know the Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security are going to increase as the population continues to grow older. It WILL collapse unless something dramatic is done. But I suppose this tripe is just another example of “People beleive what they want to believe.”

  3. Lee Wochner Says:

    Jim, I agree with you about this particular point. Social Security had been stabilized — but that was before the economic meltdown. I have no idea what the actuarial tables predict now, especially in light of widespread unemployment and, ominously, two graduating college classes that couldn’t get a job. We need to raise the retirement age to reflect growing lifespans. (In the past 40 years, the lifespan of the average American male has grown by 12 years.) I’m interested in other common-sense proposals — but I haven’t heard them from the Republican side either. Their proposal — to privatize the system and put it into the stock market — would have thrown millions of people onto the dole, given what just happened.

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