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Strange overtones


Brian Eno and David Byrne on their multi-decade collaboration, and why, for Eno, Frank Zappa provides an example of precisely what not to do in music.

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  1. Rich Roesberg Says:

    I enjoyed the article. As far as Zappa, they were saying that he provides an example of what not to do in THEIR music, which is fair. Jazz or classical musicians might show them the same things. They did leave out that Zappa included humor and improvosation, and was open to incorporating chance events, but that might be because they were referring to his recorded music more than his live shows. Hey, they should go and see Dweezil Zappa playing Frank’s music.

    My son Justin got the EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS album and we both liked it. BUSH OF GHOSTS was more interesting than engaging, though I did like the final cut alot. It’s all good.

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