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My Oscars tradition

Yesterday, rooting around in the refrigerator after my playwriting workshop, I laid eyes on a wrapped offering purchased the night before from our local supermarket.

“Hey,” I said to my son. “Tomorrow night, we can cook this roast and eat it while we don’t watch the Oscars.”

“Sounds good,” he said. Then he added, “I don’t think I’ve ever watched the Oscars.”

He already knows I don’t watch them either.

So that’s our Oscars tradition: not watching the Oscars. It’s somewhat related to not seeing almost any of the nominated films. I did see “The Woman King,” and thought it was flat-out terrific, a great old-fashioned kind of heart-tugging action movie the sort of which Hollywood made regularly in its Golden Age. So of course it wasn’t nominated for anything.

While the Academy Awards are on tonight, we’ll probably play a game and then we’re definitely going to watching “The Last of Us.” .A few weeks ago was our not-Super-Bowl-Sunday. I think he played “League of Legends” while I did some writing and read a book.

If you enjoy the Oscars, or the Super Bowl, cheers to you. They seem like nice things to get into with friends; I’m just not into them. My rule of thumb: I don’t care about any awards that I’m not up for. Which, when you think about it, leaves me nearly unlimited time to celebrate not-celebrating.

4 Responses to “My Oscars tradition”

  1. Mark Chaet Says:

    I will non-celebrate along with you and Dietrich, if that’s the son you refer to. The names of the winners will be posted (a zillion places) in real time, and if anything extraordinary happens (who will be slapped?) it’ll be on-line before morning, should I feel interested. I just hope there is at least one drag performance. Even better, they could have the entire event done in drag. That’d be terrific. Even better than that, the entire audience could show up in drag, like Trey and Matt when Oh Canada was up for best song.

  2. Richard Roesberg Says:

    I’ll be watching. Already posted on the group POP CULTURE CLASH, with my reasons. And for Mark C, Lavern Cox is hosting the Red Carpet on E.

  3. Dan Says:

    I only watch if I’m nominated in an important category.

  4. Joan Power Says:

    ActuallyI am embarrassed to say I have been watching them all my many years, not because I enjoy them but I’ve been a movie fanatic since I was 6 years old,since I saw a scary Shirley Movie something about Bluebirds. I should look up the date. I ran all the way home. We lived in AC at the time and I was allowed to go to the movies by myself. (Go figure) Also around the same age I went to the corner drugstore for a vanilla coke and romance comic books. my parents were definitely not today’s helicopter parents.
    As much as I love movies I hate them all now and Have to say I’ve enjoyed some series on Tv. I enjoyed “Breaking Bad” , love Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul.
    Well, Lee, I could chat on and on,remembered when we lived in Pleasantville and went to the two movies in one day…Rialto and The Carlton (called “The Bughouse” ) showed only Cowboy movies.Well,Lee,it’s been nice talking to you..Love, Mrs.P..

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