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More songs about buildings

Or, more appropriately, more songs made by buildings, as David Byrne’s new musical experiment allows you to “play” the Roundhouse in London.

Thanks to Paul Crist for making me aware of this.

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  1. Barry Says:

    Catherine and I went to this when it was in NYC: it’s a very interesting project. We didn’t stand in line to play it—we thought it was more fun to just experience it. It’s mostly percussive sounds: clanging on pipes and such. I don’t mean that in a dismissive way: it’s actually quite engaging to decide what are the sounds being made by the instrument and what are just sounds that old buildings naturally make.

    One mistake in the article, though, is that NYC’s Battery Maritime Building is not in the Meatpacking District (which is the western edge of Greenwich Village, just below 14th Street) but is on the southern tip of Manhattan (the Battery). It’s an old ferry terminal, now being used to take people to the newly opened Governor’s Island, literally next door to the new Staten Island Ferry terminal.

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