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“Here’s a weird one.”

For a quarter century now, I’ve been listening to Scott Shaw! say that line at the San Diego Comic Con during his Oddball Comics presentation. A few years ago, he brought his hilarious slideshow of the strangest, most offbeat comics ever made, to a theatre in Hollywood — and next month it comes back. (Same town, different theatre.) Here’s where to get more information, and here’s a sample of what you’ll see.

2 Responses to ““Here’s a weird one.””

  1. Joe Says:

    I wrote into this very blog previously and repost here just as enthusiastically:

    Joey Says:
    October 21st, 2007 at 7:38 pm
    So totally tuned in is Scott Shaw! that when he says, ‘Now, here’s a wierd one…’
    you can be pretty sure that it is.

    My personal fave…’CHRISTMAS ON THE MOON’ and ‘Zoddy the Mod Rob’ (which Lee bought for me some years back…it’s smokin’ cool. A close third is “J. Edgar Hoover, CALLING ALL BOYS’ I understand Sen. Craig has several of these in his private collection. One slabbed, and the other two are reading copies.


  2. UNCLE RICH Says:

    So, when is Scott going to publish a book of all those amazing covers? Huh? When?

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