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Further proof there is a God

My friends and I were able to get a room for thisĀ  year’s Comic Con.

Last year they sold out in 9 minutes. This year it was just as harrowing, but three of us were working the phones and the online registration system. All seemed lost — until a celebratory cellphone call from good friend Paul Crist.


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  1. Paul Crist Says:

    My walet is happy we got a room through the Comic Con block. The rate we had was $381 plus tax per night. The Con rate is $177 plus tax. We are saving $796 in just the room rate along. The taxes are lower also because the room rate is lower.

    No wonder the hotels in San Diego don’t give more rooms to the Con block. They make much more money on people booking at the rack rate.

    That leaves the extra money for things like comic books, drinks, and food.

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