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A Thanksgiving warning from William Shatner

In which our Olivier, William Shatner, advises all of us this Thanksgiving not to do what he almost did: burn down his house while deep-frying a turkey. Watch all of it so you don’t miss one moment of his holiday-hammy performance, or his Herzogian voiceover. (About turkey fryers, he intones, “But their power is unrelenting… in careless hands.”) Not to be missed (and I better make sure my friend Larry Nemecek knows about this!)

3 Responses to “A Thanksgiving warning from William Shatner”

  1. Joe Says:

    …and speaking of Shatner, mayhaps Lord William should place turkey fryers akin to the Corbomite Device, Nomad, or ‘The Doomsday Machine’. They’re ALL as destructive as the 21st century earth turkey deep-fryer – and completely worthy of mention. Only the “Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator”, in fact, is more dangerous.


  2. Joe Says:

    today, I was spurred by this posting to thusly modify the following sentence on the Wiki for Marvin:

    On numerous occasions, Marvin has tried to destroy the Earth with his “Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator” (sometimes pronounced “Illudium Pu-36”). Marvin always laboriously over pronounces the name of the device, which resembles a mere stick of dynamite, in order to avoid any possibility of confusing it with some other similar technology.

  3. Larry Says:

    The state of the blog video today… IF you have Bill Shatner’s (and State Farm’s) laptop CG budget.

    When he first reached into the pot/fryer, I wanted him to pull out the upward-pointed camera from the shot before.

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