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47 months

I do not like Paul Manafort.

I do not like his kind or sort.

I do not like himself or his’n,

I would not like him out of prison.


Paul Manafort is a bad actor,

which the judge failed to factor.

I think his sentence far too light,

And think that on this I’m quite right:

that he should spend his days in jail

and never live to tell the tale.

2 Responses to “47 months”

  1. Dan Says:

    You mean… NO BOOK DEAL?!?

    Sounds cruel & unusual to me.

  2. Jim Markley Says:

    How about a poem about other bad actors, such as Obama, Comey or Clinton (either or both).
    I’ll start…
    There once was a woman named Hillary
    Who usually acted quite sillory
    She cried and she moaned
    When her election she’d blown
    And is now shamed in history’s pillory.

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