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10 things that are great about having COVID

  1. Not going anywhere means real savings!
  2. Close observation of your house leads to development of home-improvement list. Now you’re multitasking!
  3. The opportunity to finally watch last year’s sensation, “Ted Lasso” — and come away with the observation that it’s essentially an update on “Green Acres.” Proving that you’ve still got your faculties.
  4. Finally you have the time to catch up on all those issues of The New Yorker.
  5. All those things you were procrastinating on? Now you’ve got an excuse!
  6. More bonding with your dogs! (But maybe too much bonding.)
  7. That concert you had tickets for? Would’ve been loud. Hearing damage averted!
  8. That performance at UCLA you had tickets for? Well, at least now you’ve saved $20 on parking!
  9. Finally, a reduction in your hoard of canned apocalypse food.
  10. Just think how grateful you’ll be to be out and about with other people, assuming you make it out of this alive.

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