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Boo, humbug!

Okay, so not everyone likes Halloween. (Like this guy, for instance.)

Or like these two, who really aren’t into it at all:




But I like it enormously.

  • I love it when costumed kids come to the door and get candy from me. (Finally, I think — somebody else gets to have all those dental expenses!)
  • I like seeing all the neighborhood houses done up for the event.
  • I like going to haunted attractions.
  • I even like office costume parties. Here’s a couple of photos from the one at our office. (I’m the one who came as our real president.)

C Hallowwn 2019 2

C Halloween 2019 1

In fact, I love the occasion so much that 32 years ago I married this beautiful woman on Halloween and as part of a big costume party wedding. Here we are in the French court costumes we got married in, in the long-ago year of 1987. Remarkably, we look the same in those photos as we did then!

Lee wedding

Valorie wedding















So, no, I have no truck with those opposed to Halloween.

It’s Thanksgiving I can’t stand.



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  1. Paul Small Says:

    Now I understand your reticence to praise the Irishman. You’re frickin’ jealous that you weren’t cast in it. Jersey Lee.

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