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Curtains on Hitler

Back here I wrote about the countless parodies people are making of the now-famous scene in “Downfall” where Hitler chews out his senior staff for their incompetence.

Here’s the latest version, and it’s one of the best. For all you theatre people out there who’ve ever been upset they didn’t win an award, here’s Hitler’s reaction when he learns he isn’t eligible for a Tony. I’ve seen this very reaction in many a dressing room.

One Response to “Curtains on Hitler”

  1. Joe Says:

    Absolutely hilarious, love that clip. It’s at the narrowest capillary of narrowcasting that there is. Fuck Nathan Lane indeed, that’d take a bit of doing. No thanks. In my choice of alternate universes I’d rather have lunch with Radner and Wilder – I’m buying. Who’s in?

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