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Today’s update

Yes, it still feels like angry micro-sized road workers are jackhammering inside my jaw. But hey, it’s been only a week and a half. Maybe by next week it won’t hurt because I’ll have placed my head onto the onramp to the 405. That might help.

A big shout-out to my thoughtful thesis student Sandra, who was kind enough to ask about it. Either she remembered, or she saw me furtively tonguing the throbbing blasthole the way a dog licks hopefully at its injured paw. Which is what my wife caught me doing the other night before quietly depositing in front of me an undefined tiny blue pill that proved remarkably effective. No, I have no recollection of anything that followed.

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  1. Barry Says:

    Just think how horrible the experience was a scant century ago! I hope it the pain goes away soon…

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