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Things I had as a teenager that I don’t have now

In response to a question on Twitter:

  • Virginity
  • A copy of Fantastic Four #1
  • Funky teen boy smell
  • Naïveté
  • A redhead girlfriend
  • A Renault Le Car
  • A job at the Atlantic City Press
  • A basement
  • A rotary phone
  • A girlfriend’s broken-off fingernail preserved in a plastic bag hanging on my wall
  • An interest in reading science fiction
  • The belief that Salvador Dali was a great artist
  • An interest in reading Gore Vidal
  • Excitement about the movie “Caligula”
  • Sixty to eighty years ahead of me
  • Living aunts, uncles, and father
  • The belief that the kids at school really mattered
  • Mononucleosis

2 Responses to “Things I had as a teenager that I don’t have now”

  1. Dan Says:

    Condolences on the loss of your innocence. Was the funeral well-attended?

  2. Rich Roesberg Says:

    The rest of my hair and a trimmer waistline. Plus that copy of Fantastic Four #1.

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