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Stock point

Good? Bad? I can explain all this for you simply.

The stock market was dramatically up last year, and so far this year it has posted dramatic declines.

Given the depth of data provided every day about the doings of the stock market, shifts like these can seem confounding and, even, confusing. So I thought I’d share my own approach to it.

As with many things in life, I strive for a balanced viewpoint. Having a simpler approach to complex issues generally makes life itself simpler. So here’s my approach to the stock market, and it’s one that has informed my thoughts for decades now.

Here goes.

I’m opposed to market dips when they negatively affect me.

But I am in favor of them when they benefit me.

I apply the same sort of thinking to market increases: They’re good when they favor me, and they’re bad when they don’t.

I hope this easily grasped point of view serves you as well as it does me.

3 Responses to “Stock point”

  1. Joe Stafford Says:

    Time is the real investment
    let the market do all the moving
    and the investment stand still.

  2. Joe Stafford Says:

    Time is the real investment.
    The longer you’re in the more you gain.

  3. Dan Says:

    I just invested my savings in a firm that makes electric sundials. Now all I have to do is sit back & wait for the $$$ to start rolling in.

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