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Screening the iPad

Interesting — and quick — reading, from LATimes.com:  Six prominent technophiles tell how they think the tablet computer will fare.

Much as I love the current delivery system — books, magazines — I couldn’t help noting in my most recent travels last week that I was lugging around three books and five magazines with me and that, perhaps, an electronic replacement would be more efficient….

Most notable comment in this piece, from the editor of Wired magazine:  “You could do many things right with the Web, but not magazines. Tablets will allow us to do digital magazines that are intelligently designed, flow correctly and have the artistic intent preserved.” What he’s saying is that there won’t be just a portability advantage, and an advantage thanks to linking, but also an artistic advantage. That interests me. Of course, it’s also being said by the editor of what was notoriously the hardest-to-read magazine of last decade. The screaming fonts and colors and the incomprehensible layouts were guaranteed to give you a migraine.

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