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When Right is right

What’s the best way to make the Tea Party go away? By not proving their paranoia right.  I’m probably even more outraged than they are, because the IRS singling them out just feeds them.

2 Responses to “When Right is right”

  1. Dan Says:

    I know whatcha mean; The Tea Baggers always seem to me to be outraged for the sake of outrage, like drama junkies (you must know some) who have to keep screwing up their lives just to keep up a high emotional level. Only in their case, they keep screwing up the whole damn country. And now that, as you say, they have something tangible to scream about, we shall never hear the end.

    Me, I’m cashing out my GE stock and investing it all in earplug futures.

  2. Lefty Joe Says:

    If GE sells off by even 2%, it’s a buy in my eyes. The Tea Totalers may still manage to protesteth a tad too much. If the IRS managed to do this on purpose, it’s beyond appalling, because at the time of these filings the IRS was being run by a Republican…hummm. Oddsfish, maybe it’s Doug Shulman, HE started this, so that the Tea Baggers would have something to REALLY bitch about! Stranger shit has happened. When the Revolution comes he’ll be their evil accountant, in black lycra and a mask.

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