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Horrific health care story

In Boston on Friday, a woman got her leg caught in the gap between the platform and the train. People heard her scream.  A scrum of people ran over to help her, leaning against the train to push it away so they could lift her up.

The gash in her leg resulting from this incident cut five inches in, down to the bone.

What did she keep begging people? “Please don’t call an ambulance!” Because she couldn’t afford it.

For most people in America, that is the state of health care. Better to lose a leg than be bankrupted by care and treatment.


3 Responses to “Horrific health care story”

  1. Jim Markley Says:

    A sad and believable tale. If only we could get hospitals and health care professionals to provide their supplies, time and expertise for free. I was of the impression that ERs are required to provide emergency medical care at no cost if the patient cannot afford it. I would also note tho that Massachusetts has “universal health care”, which solves all medical issues.

  2. Lee Wochner Says:

    The job of government is mutual protection. That’s why people form governments. When it comes to health care, government is failing. We can debate the reasons, but we ought to find solutions — at least, that is, if we’re serious about government and mutual protection. In the meantime, your straw-man argument (that health-care professionals should supply everything “for free”) by its nature holds no merit.

  3. Jim Markley Says:

    That statement was intended to be sarcastic. I would question whether health care is government’s job. It doesn’t specify that in the Federal Constitution and I suspect it’s likely not in any State Constitutions either. As much as I hate insurance companies, they are generally more efficient than the government. Almost any private company is! Sorry, love to debate more but have to get back to work!

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