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Happy holodecks



What’s the ideal gift for that special Star Trek fan on your Christmas list? How about one-of-a-kind hatbox dioramas of Kirk and Spock celebrating the most wonderful time of the lightyear?

While I’m waiting for the hatboxes featuring Mr. Fantastic and Samuel Beckett, I’m betting my friend Larry would like to have these.

Here’s how you can get them.

(And p.s. to Larry and other nitpicky Trek fans:   I know “original” Trek didn’t have the holodeck. So leave me alone.)

One Response to “Happy holodecks”

  1. Joe Says:

    There were no replicators either, so someone had to beam down to a planet and get a tree, or dig an artificial tree out of storage (it was next to the bowling alley)…damn 23rd century backwardness.

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