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Election plans

It’s tempting to make a prediction, but I don’t know anything you don’t about this, and nobody really knows anything, and there are lots of potentially shifting scenarios… so I’m going to leave it alone. And, actually, I was going to spend it alone, both my wife and my son working that night — but yesterday afternoon I decided to invite one friend — just one — over on election night. He’s a close friend of almost 15 years, and we met through politics, and if it’s a result we prefer then we can celebrate, and if it’s one that we don’t, we can commiserate. In either case, it seemed better to invite someone, so I did. Hey, if nothing else, there’ll be pizza and beer — so that’s something.

3 Responses to “Election plans”

  1. Dan Says:

    So what time did you give up? I stayed up to watch Chump’s rambling, disjointed, public trip to Fantasy Island.

  2. Lee Wochner Says:

    I watched that too, and was struck by how self-contradictory, desperate, and dangerous it was. Just as struck as were the many elected members of the GOP who watched it in horror but stayed silent about it.

    And what time did I give up? Never.

  3. Paul Says:

    I worked until 10pm on Tuesday and made a conscious decision to avoid election night coverage. I made the mistake four years ago of keeping tabs on the vote count and then couldn’t sleep. I dozed fitfully through the night and got up at 5:30am and checked my phone and saw Trump had won. That was hard to accept.

    I am now waiting for the final states to announce the winner of their votes. If the counts keep going the way they have been I’ll be feeling a wave of relief soon.

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