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Barfday gifts

My birthday is a week away, so it’s time for marketers who have my personal information to leap into action!

Quick poll. Which is better?

  • The restaurant that emails me a “happy birthday” with no coupon or offer of free dessert on my birthday or anything; or
  • Best Buy emailing me a $5 coupon which will buy… nothing… at Best Buy.

Both are marketing efforts trying to disguise themselves as birthday wishes.

The latter one is more transparent — and stupid. (And from a restaurant I’ve enjoyed.)

The first one is thoughtless — and useless. (And from a company I’ve always admired.)

One Response to “Barfday gifts”

  1. Dan Says:


    Somehow as we grow older, they morph from the simple celebrations of our childhood into something multi-faceted and not altogether pleasant.

    Here’s wishing you a pleasant one!

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