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Cord-cutting made easy

I’ve decided to cancel my cable TV service next month.

My AT&T U-verse bill is up to $278 a month — and nobody in my house watches TV. I might watch one show, and my wife just watches reruns of “Big Bang Theory” that are probably available (free?) everywhere else in the universe.

Here’s an imponderable: I asked my 15-year-old son if he wanted to watch a show with me. He said, “Is it on Netflix?” “No,” I said. “Oh. Then no,” he said.” My question:  What difference does it make if it’s on Netflix or “live” TV? I can’t wrap my mind around this. What if I asked before reading a magazine (yes, I’m old-school in some ways!) if it was printed on matte or glossy paper? “OH! It’s on matte? I couldn’t possibly read that!”

In any event, the TV portion of my bill, which pays for that TV stuff that nobody is watching, is $151/month. (Ouch!) I could easily buy more than 10 cigars a month for that, or something else, if pressed. So I’m going to cancel that. But what if I — or you — wanted to retain the ability to view some of those fine, fine TV programs, while still saving most of that $151 a month? The program offerings are so diverse, and so widely dispersed, that it’s almost impossible to know where to choose, let alone what to choose.

Until, as they say in marketing, until now!

Here, for your reference — and for mine, so I can find it later! — is a helpful online guide to which streaming services offer which channels.

Merry Christmas. Now I need to go to back to whatever I was doing on the Internet, where all the action is.

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  1. Jim Markley Says:

    Very helpful! Thank you!

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