Lee Wochner: Writer. Director. Writing instructor. Thinker about things.

Lee Wochner

I write.
I direct.
I teach.
I smoke cigars.
And I read comic books.
It’s a full life.

Writing – More than two dozen plays, most of which have been produced in New York, London, Los Angeles, and around the U.S. Also, short stories in various literary journals, essays, book reviews, and really bad poems that I make my children listen to and appreciate.

Directing – From 1992 to 2002 I directed, produced, workshopped or developed more than 150 new plays as the founding artistic director of Moving Arts, a theatre in Los Angeles devoted entirely to new works. To this day, I have been known to direct a play now and then.

Teaching – Since 1990, I have led the “Words That Speak” playwriting workshop, assisting dozens of playwrights, many of them first-timers, toward production in theatres all over the globe. Since 2002, I have taught graduate level playwriting at the University of Southern California, where I have had to pay for parking every single time.

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