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Kratu barada nikto

I love watching dog shows — who doesn’t??? — because I admire the ability of these dogs to hurtle through complicated obstacle courses that would daunt almost any human being theoretically with more brain power. I say this with confidence, as someone who routinely responds to questions on Facebook such as “is it raining outside?” by saying “Look out the window.”

Sometimes I’m impressed with the skill of the dog, sometimes, sure, it’s the dog’s sheer dog-beauty, and sometimes it’s the personality.

Which brings me to Kratu, the Romanian rescue dog who can’t quite navigate the agility course at this dog show in Birmingham, England.

When it comes to this agility course, Kratu has no more fucks to give. He’s not really fast, he’s certainly not focused, he doesn’t mind a little approval, he’s aware of the entreaties of the nearby human, but his main goal seems to be enjoying the day.

There’s a lesson here for all of us. Sure, we have rules, and they can be important. But other times? Other times you might go over the hurdle — or you just might go around it. Because, really, why not?


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  1. Dan Says:

    I’ve trained dogs like that.

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