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Presidential credential

I’m not going to be reading the memoir by Chris Christie, the former governor of my birth state, but I’m sure glad Matt Taibbi did. Here’s his blistering look at the book, and at just how the self-believed master negotiator Christie got so thoroughly strung along by Donald Trump. (Like, well, millions of other people.)

It’s fun to read this takedown of Chris Christie, who has deluded himself into believing he still has a shot at the presidency, but it can’t have been fun for Garden Staters to live through his governorship. Last I checked, the people of New Jersey remain divided on Chris Christie — split between those who hate him and those who plain loathe him. That’s what happens when you do things like close the state beaches to everyone — except yourself and your family.

2 Responses to “Presidential credential”

  1. Dan Says:

    Chris Christie…. Jee-zus!

  2. Paul Says:

    Hey, I got to live through his two term governorship of New Jersey. He was a mini Trump, though not s nastyas Trump. He still had his moments of belittling people who disagreed with him.

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