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It Ain’t Me Babe

Here’s something a female friend private messaged me via Facebook tonight:

“Hey Lee, This is a bit of an embarrassing situation; I am on Tinder (a dating website) because I am single. I came across a profile named Teran, the man claims to be a widower, but all the photos are of you. I am almost certain it’s a scam. Unless it’s really you, then it’s none of my business. Just thought you should know.”

Then she added:

“There’s even a photo of you and your daughter!”

Uhh — that is MOST DEFINITELY not me. My name isn’t Teran, my wife is very much alive thank you, and I’ve never been on Tinder. Which means that someone has accessed my photos — most probably from Facebook, because that’s the only place I’ve posted them — and is posing as me. That he’s hauled my daughter into it just makes it many multiples worse.

My friend has notified Tinder, and I’ve just further restricted the access to my Facebook posts and photos. But I’m not sure that’s going to have any impact.

I also have to wonder:  Just how much scam-bait can my photos be? There are scads of better-looking guys’ photos to swipe.

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  1. Dan Says:

    Aren’t you just a bit flattered? My photos have been pirated for the “before” picture in hair-restoring ads.

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