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Happy Creation Day!

GodLet me just add to the day’s festivities by saying “Happy Creation Day!”

Yes, it was a mere 6009 years ago today that God created the Universe, as revealed in the 1600’s by Bishop James Ussher.

It might have been a Tuesday.

For the Mayans, and converting the esteemed Bishop’s research, this great work occurred on 13 ‘Ahaw 8 Yaxk’in. (Today being 13 Manik’ 0 Sac, but you knew that.)

But while calendars can read the date differently — and while some would call the whole thing into question claiming that the “fossil evidence” refutes the entire claim — none of us should take such a day lightly.

So what have we learned in the past 6009 years?

We’ve learned this about God:

  1. God is ever-present — except when He isn’t.
  2. He is a benevolent God — except when He isn’t.
  3. He is on your side — except when He isn’t, and that’s because of you. It’s your fault somehow.
  4. Sometimes when you think He isn’t on your side, He really is — He’s just trying to teach you a lesson, which you later absorb if you are faithful enough to understand.

These seeming contradictions are self-clarifying when you give them enough consideration. Skeptics may have a hard time reconciling people who, say, narrowly escape the wrath of Hurricane Katrina and “Thank God” for their rescue, while never “blaming God” for the hurricane in the first place. The hurricane was a test — which they passed — and those didn’t pass may have been part of the lesson for those who did.

We’ve learned this about Creation:

  1. No matter how bad you think it is, there’s someone who has it far worse. And that is worth remembering.
  2. It’s pretty big. No matter how much you travel, you can’t visit all of it.
  3. Most things that seem incredibly important at the time — like LonelyGirl 15 — really don’t matter at all.
  4. There is just about no place to park.
  5. For the most part, it is what you make of it. Is it a miserable place? That probably started with you.

So today is a day for celebrating. If you’re reading this: You’ve made it!

At least so far.

2 Responses to “Happy Creation Day!”

  1. Rich Roesberg Says:

    1. If Grandma lives it’s because God is merciful.
    2. If Grandma suffers horribly and dies it’s because God has his reasons, which we usually can’t understand. Except in cases like #1.
    3. God is off the hook no matter what happens. See #1 and 2 together.
    4. God is often thanked by people who win awards, especially Grammys.

  2. Lee Wochner Says:

    Thank God you didn’t go on in this vein.

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