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Room at the inn

Hey, we got a room for this year’s Comic-Con!

It’s not downtown — it’s five miles away.

It’s not on the shuttle route (but it is on the trolley line).

And it isn’t a suite. But it IS a room (and not five guys sleeping in a parked van).

Now… I wonder if Len Wein has been able to find anything.

2 Responses to “Room at the inn”

  1. Lefty Joe Says:

    It almost makes the 1990s seem quaint, doesn’t it? When you could fall out of bed and into a funny book booth in a matter of seconds, and at the same time, on a lark, you could say you were from ‘New York City, New York’…just for kicks…and not have it disturb every database on the planet.

    I miss my typewriter sometimes…there I said it.

  2. Lefty Joe Says:

    I forgot to mention, I’m now officially jealous-er than heck.

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