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Winning theory

I’m fascinated by stories like this one, in the Wall Street Journal, with the headline¬† “Top Ohio Republicans Ask Why Party Lost.” Here are some of their theories — and from my reading, none of these theories seem restricted to just Ohio:

  • A “failed voter-turnout operation”
  • “An unforeseen surge in African-American voters”
  • “An unexpectedly weak GOP ground game, particularly in the final days.”
  • “Infighting within the state party that they say crippled the campaign’s organization.”
  • “…the Obama administration’s auto-industry bailout, combined with a summer ad barrage, left a decisive imprint that Mr. Romney never shook off.”

There are more of these — my favorite being Karl Rove’s claim that the Obama campaign “suppressed the vote” by, well, running the sort of negative campaigns that Mr. Rove usually likes to fund himself. But I have an alternative theory, one that I don’t see the GOP spending a lot of time thinking about:¬† When the majority of voters got a good hard look at their candidate, and his policies, they decided they liked the other guy more.

Sometimes, things really are as simple as they seem.

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  1. Paul Says:

    I think too many people are over thinking Romeny losing, blaming every one and every thing but the policies that Romeny & Rand espoused.

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