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Record profits

The recent demise of all those record stores like Tower Records and Virgin Records and The Wherehouse has been very good for some other people:  the stores that remain. Like Rockaway Records here in the Silver Lake District of Los Angeles, happily near my theatre, which I’ve visited many times over the years. They’re doing just fine because they stock things you can’t find at Best Buy or Target, and because they know what they’re doing. Here’s a great profile in the LA Times that explains their success. Any store offering Frank Zappa collectibles and doing this well must be run by very smart music fans.

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  1. Uncle Rich Says:

    I enjoyed the article. Our local Borders is carrying fewer and fewer CDs. In contrast, CD Exchange, a small local shop, appears to be doing fine. They have a service that allows you to request a disc and, if it comes in used, they’ll call you. I always give a few of their gift certificates during the holidays… and don’t mind getting them, either.

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