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Two things I’m scratching my head about

Number one: It seems to me that the U.S. taxpayer just paid Fiat $8 billion to take over Chrysler so that Fiat can get access to the U.S. market in exchange for pretty much nothing (except the strongly opinionated management of the Fiat CEO). Am I wrong about this? Is it just me?

Number two:  Last night at the opening-night performance of the play Loveswell, an event benefiting Heal the Bay, a woman said to me, “Were you an actor?” “No,” I said. “Oh,” she replied, “You look like you were an actor.” What does this mean? Do I somehow look wrung out from years of waiting tables or bartending (two occupations I’ve never held)? Also, if I were an actor (which I am not and never have been), how does one look at me somehow reveal that I’m now through with it?

2 Responses to “Two things I’m scratching my head about”

  1. Dan Says:

    “You look like you were an actor,” Well could it be a compulsive narcissism evident in your apearance? Or am I thinking of Tony Curtis?

  2. Rich Roesberg Says:

    You do have kind of a strong jaw, so maybe she thought you were a former actor who quit after his youthful good looks ‘matured’. Perhaps?

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