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Lee Wochner

...for another human being to grasp so fully what I was thinking. I had felt that writing was like being a puppeteer.   The audience or viewer would see the show, but not the person behind it.  I didn't know that the audience could see right through to the soul of the writer. This made me realize that writing could be a much fuller form of communication than I had ever thought possible.  Overall, I felt he grasped at the deepest level what I was trying to do.  He appreciated each moment that rang true and was able to tell me when I hit a false note.   This helped me keep on track until the end. As I observed him working with other writers, I saw that he didn't let them sell themselves short.  He recognized when they were fully expressing themselves and exploiting the potential of their material, and when there were further areas to be explored and mined.   He helped them more fully realize the potential of their stories, characters and scenes. His greatest strength is in not letting people settle for a half-baked attempt. He recognizes what they have achieved and coaxes them forward into a fuller, more vibrant and unique expression.
Isabel Storey