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Good news for 2018 — #1

  1. The mid-term elections look promising for Democrats.

If, like me — and most of the electorate — you’re horrified by the GOP tax law that just got passed, not to say things like eliminating environmental regulations; attacking the FBI every day; working to ban people of some religions from entering the country; subverting the Constitution to steal a Supreme Court seat; selling off public lands; and much much more, then you might be cheered to know that, at the moment at least, Democrats are poised for a big blue wave election next year. With any luck, that’ll happen — and slow down (or reverse) some of this nonsense. Democrats recently won in areas as far-flung as Alabama, New Jersey and Virginia, and should be able to expand on that in 2018.

Assuming, that is, that there actually are elections.

2 Responses to “Good news for 2018 — #1”

  1. Uncle Rich Says:

    Oh course there will be elections. Unless Trump has to declare an emergency for some reason.

  2. Lee Wochner Says:

    Uh huh. Exactly.

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