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Fund drive


This is what my friend Jon woke up to — someone hit his car late last night and left no information. Sticking him with all the damage.

Jon, who is in his 50s, was unemployed for two years and barely scraping by on little freelance jobs here and here.  Lately he’s found something a little better (although still hourly, and still freelance). His auto insurance covers only liability — not collision — and he works 100 miles away from where he lives… so now he can’t work.

Some of his friends have banded together and set up a GoFundMe page to help Jon get his car fixed. Because he’s seriously out of options. Without the Fund Drive, Jon won’t be able to drive.

If you’ve got an extra twenty bucks… or five bucks… or whatever… that you would otherwise spend at Starbucks or someplace and never miss — you might think about clicking HERE to make a small donation to help him out. Jon is a really good guy — a kind, gentle, thoughtful, caring person — and he needs some help. I promise you you’ll be helping to spread goodness in the world.

Last night, I gave my last four dollars in cash to an older man standing in the cold outside the local supermarket who looked like he really needed it, and who was too embarrassed to ask for it. Sooner or later, every single one of us needs some sort of help — and it always feels good when we’re able to help someone in that situation.

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