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Boldly going where space opera rarely has gone before

A nifty little piece in today’s LA Times about Battlestar Galactica and its fictive relationship to the Iraq war (and others). There’s nothing revelatory in it — and you’d have to be flatlined not to get the obvious parallels in the storylines — but it’s worth reading if, like me, you’re drawn to the basic survivalist theme of the show:  How much will you sacrifice to survive, and what must you never sacrifice in order to save your humanity?

Friday night’s episode was especially gratifying for two little bits of character work:  Tigh’s poisoning of his own collaborationist wife, and Thrace’s reaction when she learns that her “half-Cylon daughter” isn’t actually hers at all.

The former was expected; the resistance had provided exactly what the colonel needed (an obstructionist mission that kept him off the sauce and on-goal). But Michael Hogan’s portrayal was beautiful and moving in depicting just how much the colonel was giving up by putting down his leggy blonde wife: given that his post-torture character is now a lame one-eyed old wretch, it’s doubtful there are many romantic relationships in his future.

Perhaps even better was Katee Sackhoff’s response when someone else on Galactica thanked her for having rescued her child, which Sackhoff’s character had thought was her own.  Her expression in handing over the little girl was a rolling tableau of shock, hurt, and humiliation. I used to see that face on people in bars just before they threw up in the parking lot.

4 Responses to “Boldly going where space opera rarely has gone before”

  1. Paul Crist Says:

    I was wondering when you would post something about the show. The mini epsiodes that were on the Sci Fi website were bery disapointing and did not bode well for the third season. I am happy to say that the new season has been very good so far.


  2. Lee Wochner Says:

    I’ll be curious to see where they take the character of Baltar. What could possibly redeem him at this point?

  3. Paul Crist Says:

    The only thing that could redeem his is bringing the Cylon/human baby back to the humans.


  4. Lee Wochner Says:

    Either that or getting the long-delayed wash and cut he so desperately needs.

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