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Beach bummer

A review in today’s LA Times Book Review of “Inside the Music of Brian Wilson: The Songs, Sounds, and Influences of the Beach Boys’ Founding Genius” has me thinking that I love Wilson’s music too much to read an academic dissection of its tonal underpinnings. Musings I would read. A discourse might ruin it forever. In the way that seeing the brain-damaged Wilson “perform” (and I’m using the word generously) “Smile” two summers back almost did.

2 Responses to “Beach bummer”

  1. Paul Crist Says:

    I’ve found that there are times not to over think some things, like why we enjoy certain things. In over thinking or over analyzing we may damage the reason we enjoyed the thing in the first place. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be reasonable in our introspection of our enjoyment of an item, just don’t over do it.


  2. Rich Roesberg Says:

    Really enjoyed the review. I’d be curious to learn what that book has to say about Brian Wilson’s sometime lyricist, Van Dyke Parks.

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