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All politics is yokel

Think this presidential race won’t get uglier than ever (Obama be damned)? Check out what’s happening with the (non-partisan) Burbank, California city council race.

I too received the “sleazy mailer” that my friend David is writing about here. One of the things it slams candidate Gary Bric for is serving alcohol to intoxicated people, without ever explaining that the man owns a bar and restaurant and has been charged something like three times in probably 20 years. How many people does he (or his bar) serve in a night? 100? Times 365 days a year, times 20 years? I’m not endorsing serving intoxicated people, but sometimes it’s a tough call — particularly when you’re in the business of selling intoxicants. The police don’t seem too concerned about his behavior — they’re endorsing him — and both the chief and the deputy chief are well aware of who is a problem (like other local bars they talk about constantly) and who isn’t.

My immediate response to said mailer was to vote by mail for the two candidates being attacked.

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