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That sinking feeling

Thought I’d share this. The shot above is of the sinkhole in Florida that consumed a man five days ago.

Sinkholes are evidently more common than I thought — as you can can see in this slideshow of the most alarming examples in recent years.

I remember the one that opened about 20 years ago here in Los Angeles on Vermont Avenue. The cause? Construction of the Red Line subway system. And I remember a narrow but deep chasm that opened in my back yard following the 1994; it was eerie looking into the inner workings of the earth. My then 3-year-old son was pretty shaken by that. He wasn’t alone.

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  1. Lefty Joe Says:

    Try sleeping at night when you can HEAR the inner workings of the earth, from a frontage on Indian Cabin Road, in a house with a shaky wooden foundation. It all works like a tin-can-telephone to subterranean clockwork. Shear heck, I tell you, we live on a pile of rocks merely hobbled together by unseen forces! It reminds me of The Underminer the super-villain that shows up at the end of The Incredibles. Truly scary shit. Aaack!

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