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No more fun, fun, fun

Glad I saw The Beach Boys last year when I had the chance (and in one of the flat-out best shows I’ve ever seen), because now Brian Wilson is saying sail on, sailor, to the notion of the band ever getting together again. Wilson made the announcement last night while accepting a Grammy for the band’s work last year, announcing the end of reunions.

At one point, I would have been glad for that, because the thing touring the U.S. as “The Beach Boys Band” is in no way The Beach Boys — it’s Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, and some other guys, with nary a Wilson brother in site. (Let alone founding members Al Jardine or David Marks.) But last year’s tour, and the accompanying album of new music, were surprisingly strong. Now, though, there are no good vibrations left among the true Beach Boys. The 2012 outing will be their last, and That’s Why God Made the Radio will remain their career-capping recording. But don’t worry, baby, there’s a lot of great music still out there, and a fine legacy to look back on.

Surf’s up.

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  1. Lefty Joe Says:

    RIP: The Beach Boys (didn’t you once call them the “Beach Men”?)

    Long live Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music! I long to do The Strand, only if, of course,
    that The Strand is something one does besides smoke a cigarette.

    More Warbling and Cooing found here in The New York Times today:


  2. Lefty Joe Says:

    my bad… http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/12/arts/music/bryan-ferry-on-the-jazz-age.html?pagewanted=2&_r=0&ref=arts&pagewanted=all

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