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Thought for the day

Today someone was telling me that the word she was saying is the past tense for “love” in Italian.

I immediately said, “The past tense of love is usually ‘hate.’ ”

Everyone looked up surprised. I said, “Think about it. Ever meet anyone with an ex-wife, ex-husband, ex-girlfriend?”

Sometimes you can surprise even yourself with the wisdom you accidentally stumble upon.

One Response to “Thought for the day”

  1. Joe Says:

    I can identify with this in a very personal way. It’s sometimes like the stock market though…sometimes those long dead or even out of our lives FOREVER … the previously loved DO wind up hated, and then their stock soars as some good feature might spur feelings to change, and then crashes again as we re-introduce ourselves to the memory of their repugnance. There are those in my past, who were loved; now hated that stay there though. And will remain so. Thank you Wise Lee.

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