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San Diego is the home of the famed Comic-Con International. That comics and cartoons influence is evidently far-reaching, because last night someone dressed up as Gumby attempted to rob a 7-Eleven (as this video shows). No, he doesn’t appear to have had a gun (but I couldn’t resist the pun), but the costume wasn’t the only thing comic about it: Reports are that he made off with only 27ยข, which he dropped. I guess in the attempted getaway, he was afraid of being too pokey. San Diego Crime Stoppers is offering a $1000 award for any information, and I am now formulating in my head what the APB sounded like: “Suspect is a green halfwit, wide-eyed with a vacant smile. Do not approach with caution — caution is unnecessary.”

3 Responses to “Gunby”

  1. Joe Says:

    you left out that he could have been wearing rollerskates…just like his idol. I’m willing to ‘bank’ on the possibility that people seeing this on TV all said, “Oh, that’s __________, that asshole in 5-F, with the Gumby suit, I’m calling the cops right now. I’ve always hated that SOB, so his goose is now cooked”.

  2. Dan Says:

    Has anyone considred the possibility that this may be the REAL Gumby, fallen on hard times since the demise of his TV show (and with his lawsuit against Eddie Murphy thrown out of court) reduced to petty robbery to support a glue-sniffing habit?

  3. Joe Says:


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