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There’s still time to partake in Free Comic Book Day!

How fortunate we are in this great land to have Free Comic Book Day. And woe to the nations that do not observe it! They do not know the despair they endure.

This year’s Free Comic Book Day might place in your hands free retro reprint editions of classic Marvel comics (Avengers #8, the first new Ant Man, the first Spider-Woman, an early Iron Fist, and so on), a great Simpsons comic starring Comic Book Guy (!), a new New Avengers / Dark Avengers mini, Sonic the hedgehog for younger boys and Betty & Veronica for stinky older sisters, and on and on. All for the cost of nothing!

Submitted for your perusal, photographic evidence of just some of the wonders available to you at your local comics store. These esteemed visitors were seen at House of Secrets in Burbank.


Mr. Incredible, defending my ability to secure free comic books.


My favorite artist, right, gets a sketch from comics artist Tony Fleecs.


My daughter Emma considers a future line of work. (After asking me why Supergirl had a navel piercing, which was “wrong.”)


Mr. Incredible trying to horn in on my action. Right after this pic, I dialed up Mrs. Incredible and that put an end to that. Still, I’m glad to be seen with four defenders of truth, justice, and the American way (the three heroes in the flesh and the hero depicted on my shirt).

Afraid you’ve missed out? There’s still time to discover similar wonders at your local comics shop. This link will direct you hither.

2 Responses to “There’s still time to partake in Free Comic Book Day!”

  1. Joe Says:

    The real superhero is on your tee shirt.

  2. Paul Crist Says:

    Was he free comic book day just a primer for Comic Con?

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